First things to do

Working on any research project will generate a lot of ideas, personal reactions, useful material and less than useful material. If you don't keep track of all of these things, the exercise will become overwhelming, i.e. next to impossible to do.

So before you do anything else, read the notebooks page and the pages that link from it. It is suggested you keep three notebooks. When do you start doing this? Immediately!!!

The next thing to do is familiarise yourself with this wiki. The things to do during the course can be found in the side menu (on the left). Resources for doing the course are in the top menu.

Before the course commences you will receive an invitation to a Slack site. This is the site we will use for discussions about your individual work and also about things of common interest.

The other thing to do is to download the document Overview of 7021EDN Tri 1 2020 on the L@G site.

To put the course very simply, you will carry out a piece of research using already published material. There are various options of what this might be. You will prepare a draft paper about your research project. It will be due at the end of the course. Each week, you will need to make a small contribution to the Slack site. That's it.

As you explore this site and some of the links from it, you need to be writing about what you think your topic might be, and why it matters to you. This goes in your first notebook, the one that is essentially a log of your journey during this course.

OK. Now is the time to make your first entry in that first notebook. Don't put it off! What would be a good thing to write about? You initial ideas about what you'd like to research.

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