Introduction to research options

The constraints
The constraint in doing a research project in this course is the time you have available to plan, design, carry out and then write a paper about the research. All in twelve or so weeks.

As you will have noted, you will have to work with published material. You won't have the time to obtain ethical clearance to do interviews, or carry out observations.

The options
This is not an exhaustive list of options. You may, in your planning of the research develop an approach that is not indicated here or it might be a version of one the typical types listed below. It will be important to discuss your thinking, particularly early on with your tutor.

You might find it useful to skim some examples of papers produced using published material that were referenced in the Overview of the course document on L@G.

Basically, most of you will draw on existing published literature. It may well be a review of the literature. No one will be doing a systematic review but some of the method for doing such a review, particularly in relation to searching will likely be useful.

Secondary analysis of existing published data

Reviews of published literature

Analysis of curriculum, teaching or policy documents


Other options

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