Orientation to the Course

The key documents for your work in this course will be your notebooks.

The course is concerned with you preparing the draft of a research paper that is suitable for publication in a scholarly journal.

The research project you will work on will be negotiated with your tutors and typically take the form of a literature review or a small research inquiry or critique. Because the course is only 12 weeks long, it will be impossible to do research that requires ethical clearance. That means the materials with which you will be working are published. Depending upon the project you choose to carry out, published materials will range from books and journal articles to policy documents, blogs, twitter posts, podcasts, youtube clips etc.

Because journals tend to take articles that are between 6,000 to 8,000 words, the course assessment is divided into two components: formative and summative, roughly equivalent to ~ 2,000 words and 6-8,000 words.

The formative assessment will comprise a weekly contribution to the Slack site1. So a weekly reflective contribution of ~200 words for ten weeks will make up the formative assessment component.

The summative assessment will be your draft research paper. You will, in consultation with your tutors, choose a target journal. The journal will indicate the length of the article it will accept, the layout requirements and the formatting requirements2for the references you make use of.

The secret to preparing a good research paper is working on something that matters to you, something that is meaningful and important, something you can be proud to put on your CV. Your tutors will work with you to that end. As Amabile and Kramer3 wrote:

the secret to amazing performance is empowering talented people to succeed at meaningful work.

This course aims to support you in working towards an amazing performance, the production of your draft research paper.

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