Orientation to the site

The site runs on wiki software. It is visible to the world but only members of the site can add pages and edit pages.

You will find links to other pages in this wiki as well as links to other wikis and to external sites. The links will be in blue1. If you come across a red link, it is a link that has not been completed, i.e. it won't work.

The site is intended to be responsive to the work you are doing and so will develop as the course proceeds.

The site is organised with two menus. The top menu is a curated collection of resources that you may find useful in your thinking about your research project. The side or vertical menu links to the nuts and bolts of doing the course, using the wiki and so on.

The wiki will be edited often during the course, you can see what changes have been made by clicking on the Recent Changes link in the side menu.

The wiki has a good search function. The search box is at the top right of every page.

The wiki also makes use of tags which are added to pages, allowing you to locate all pages with the same tag.

There is also a Google translate option which may be of use for students whose first language is not English.

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