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While all research papers rely to some extent on previously published literature, they all do not fall into the category of literature reviews. If you skim any journal you will often come across a research article that makes no use of empirical data but makes a contribution to the ideas associated with a particular question or research topic. The best way to get a sense of this is to browse some journals. Often it is a contribution to theory that is associated with a particular phenomenon, for example:

Slota, S. C., Hoffman, A. S., Ribes, D., & Bowker, G. C. (2020). Prospecting (in) the data sciences. Big Data & Society, 7(1), 2053951720906849. doi:10.1177/2053951720906849

This paper attempts to make use of a particular set of theoretical resources and deploy them in the field of data science. No need to read the paper but the key point here is that in order to prepare a paper like this, your command of whatever theory you want to deploy needs to be strong.

There are many, many large data sets that are open access and which might form the basis of your research project.

For example:
Poems by kids.
PoKi is “a corpus of 61,330 poems written by children from grades 1 to 12,” scraped with permission from a Scholastic website. The dataset includes each poem’s title, text, and character count, plus the author’s first name and grade. Noteworthy: “PoKi is made freely available for research with the condition that the research be used for the benefit of children.”

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